Friday, 29 January 2016

A Man with extra ordinary dreams

Umeash Sahhaii

He embarked his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18 with manufacturing of UPS Inverters by the name of WELKEN ELECTRO MECHANICAL from a remote place and then looked beyond with seamless boundaries. He firmly stand in his various slogged time through sheer passion, dedication and honest work with a vision to create and recreate healthy, vibrant, and successful organizations that give more to the society than what they take from it.

A small and successful testing of his own skills with inverters horned and harness his own passion leads him to foresight a new opportunity between market needs and existing gap in software industry resulted a foundation of a software development company titled as Elves Technology and steer it from a startup in 2010 to a global web products company with over 4 businesses verticals, 10+ products, 60+ employees and millions of global customers. During this process he had already initiated his walk with Maverick Software (2007) & USAT Web Inc (2009) and become industry leaders in their respective verticals, Elves Technology has consistently featured amongst the fastest growing online Promotion Company in its time and still continues to manage Operations of Elves Technology with the same Vision, Mission and enthusiasm.

In all these years among all the factors related to commencement of new business to operation of start up one thing which he found common is changeless operation at such level, operating through limited funds as there is very little choice of trust there. Angel’s investors are more pre conscious about their money and fear trap on the founder’s ability may be due to lack of  experience to handle business efficiently on macro level.

umeash sahhaii

The major hurdle is the location from where it is being launched. It is a place of various culture and taste, thus every product might not be welcomed equally by every region. Also the cost of setup and support is too high. Even some time we found that we are not able to concentrate on our core functional area as we were very concerned about our day to day in-house services and operations, maintaining infra structure and services to staff by paying a huge part of our profit.  Now a big question arise in this complicated and critical scenario “how anyone can think to expand fearlessly” We even also faced that situation as well as we also lost our business because of limited infra structure and lack of funds how to migrate at premium services and bigger infrastructure.

He realized that there is a limited boundaries available for start-ups from government or from any public/private financial institutions and there is a huge scope and mega requirement of creating an affordable hassle free infrastructural support at very grass route level.

A new day started with extended vision to support youth and start-ups and that is where after many brain storming sessions with various stake holders i.e., new entrepreneurs, midsize organization, established business houses and most important budding and new startups concludes to established a very new business vertical a startups who will help others to get established upon the given platform.
Hence forth EFC (Entrepreneur Facilitation Center & Development) a leading India’s first economical business centers, an iconic driving force behind the growth and success of young talents who wants to start their own business.

EFC has been established to respond and the ever-increasing demand for professional, well-appointed workspaces, both from local and international clientele that affords you convenience and style in a unique package with aim to be the benchmark in providing the best business support services and amenities to clients.

EFC is perfect for professionals, consultants, start-ups and established firms, our Workspaces are planned to accommodate everything your business needs. Every square inch of the workspace is extremely well-thought-out and strategically designed so that you can make it your own. Rest assured, this is the best investment you can make for your business.

For an enterprise, location is everything. Our Business Hubs are always positioned in areas that give your business the advantage required to succeed. Our business destinations are perfect for enterprises with an eye on scaling up and leveraging the opportunity that comes with a strategic location. Make it yours and let your business reside at the epicenter of growth

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